December, 2011: Free at last, free at last, free at last - woohoo!

kittens at the Raindance Farmkittens asleep at the Raindance FarmJuly, 2007: Raindance sees the birth of it's second litter of kittens! Hello to Snickers, Merlin, Gizmo (aka Basic Math) and Cookie Monster. All but Cookie have already gone to new homes where they are ensuring that absolutely no foot or plate of food remains safe from kitty torment.

March, 2007: Raindance welcomes the new face of fear, Walker, Aussie South Ranger.

Walker is an Australian Shepherd, who will be stepping into some pretty big paw prints as he learns his new role of protecting the herd and becoming a working dog.


December 30, 2006: Breanna Tucker launches new website!
Her new site is: Highly recommended for all the news that is news from Breanna!

click here!

August 5, 2006: Raindance welcomes its fifth and final baby of the season!
"Simply Perfect (Sunday)", born to parents Marks Angel Eyes (MAE) - and Simply a Copy (Simmer) - a black stallion has led to what now beats out the previous contender for conformational perfection. Sunday is a little filly with a mischievous little attitude but the talent to let her get away with things like figuring out how to open all the stall doors in the barn at night.  (click on the pics for the big versions)

June 16, 2006: Raindance welcomes its fourth baby!
"Simply a Legend (Ledge)", born to parents Marks's Big Annie (Annie) - and Simply a Copy (Simmer) - a black stallion has led to what is probably the most conformationally perfect foal born at Raindance yet - with a personality to match. Legend will be offered for sale as a stallion prospect due to incredible papers on both parent's sides, or as a gelding.   (click on the pics for the big versions)

June 3, 2006: Raindance welcomes its third baby!
"Cheap Champagne", born to parents A Dollar's Worth (Doll) - a black roan sabino and Legacy's Goldmine - a gold champagne stallion has led to a strikingly gorgeous foal with champagne coloring and glowing blue eyes. Dreamer is a 'lap foal' trying to be as close to you as he can giving plenty of kisses.   (click on the pic for the big version)

May, 2006: Feline officer added to Pastureland Security
Our latest keen-eyed, constantly vigilant addition to excuse-makers is Aslan, who started here roughly the size of my palm and is now longer than my truck. Actually this would be a rare photo for him proving the new camera can shoot higher resolution photos in less time because he almost never sleeps for very long, preferring instead to pounce on anything that moves. Or doesn't move. Or was never intended to move once placed. Or air. We're researching ways to utilize him as an alternative energy source. In case you were wondering if cats can swim, Aslan has proven they can in our new pool.

 May, 2006: Raindance welcomes its second baby!
"Simply Fearless", born to happy parents Darkside's Magic Moment (Shania) and Simply a Copy (Simmer). Mom and baby are doing fine in our new barn and this marks the second Simmer baby to be born. He's big, strong and has his parents good looks! (click on the pic for the big version)
04/17/06: April 17, 2006: Raindance welcomes its first baby!
"The First Kiss", born to proud parents Last Dance (Dance) and Simply a Copy (Simmer). Mom and baby are doing fine in our new barn and this marks the very first Simmer baby to be born. She's as pretty as her proud parents!

04/07/06: Last ride for Raindance's Blazing Sky (Blaze)
For reasons God only knows I had to put my good friend and constant companion, Blaze, to sleep. Thanks for your friendship, devotion and constant harassment of the herd Blaze, we all miss you and will never forget you.
February 28, 2005 - April 7, 2006
May you rest in peace

Second Second Quarter Growth
 All of our horses continue their unprecedented growth. Third quarter they look to be even bigger than the first two...

First Quarter Growth
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Quality Control
All of our horses pass tests such as knowing exactly when they will be fed and acting befuddled when saddling them up.