Our furry friends (under construction - 04/11)
While the world goes on as we've learned, there will always be a place in our hearts for those that came before our current furry family.

Raindance Farms animals...we remember

The Department of Pastureland Security, Canine Division

Formerly, the canine cop patrol was provided by Skidder and Blaze. Skidder was a 5 year old Border Collie whose self proclaimed mission was to ensure that absolutely NO vehicle large enough to move a horse pulls onto our property when we were not here. He was a legend with the Post Office and UPS in stopping deliveries completely.

Blaze, collie puppyBlaze, 2005-2006

Raindance's Blazing Skies, otherwise known as Blaze, earned her name from two defining events: the second evening here she made the mistake of walking out into the pasture where Magic is - an imposing 16+h gelding with low tolerance for small animals. She almost made it to the fence in a mad blaze for safety when he caught her and stomped on her. Surprisingly she was only bruised. The next couple of nights she found solace in the blazing fires in the fireplace which led to her name. Blaze now lives on the Rainbow Bridge where I'm sure she still chases the herd. Sometimes I think I hear her in the wind. Only now I don't tell her to stop chasing the horses...

Rodent Patrol Division

Max, 1991-2008

Veteran mouser and evening couch potato Max Davis, ruled the roost for 17 years, saving countless grain bags from wanton total destruction by rodents mostlyMax, cat by sleeping on the hay stored next to them. A constant companion to Kathi, he was known as Mad Max, Leader of the Thundercats because of his complete and total feisty attitude, jumping into brawls between the dogs for the sheer joy of the fight.



Aslan, 2005-2006

A keen-eyed, constantly vigilant addition to excuse-makers was Aslan, who started here roughly the size of my palm and when heAslan, kitten died was longer than my truck. Actually this was a rare photo for him proving the new camera can shoot higher resolution photos in less time because he almost never slept for very long, preferring instead to pounce on anything that moves. Or doesn't move. Or was never intended to move once placed. Or air. We researched ways to utilize him as an alternative energy source. In case you were wondering if cats can swim, Aslan proved they can in our new pool.


Gepetto, kitten crossGepetto, 2007

Gepetto had turned into a dog pretty much, following us around and curling up to watch our evening movie. It seems like the best cats are those that become your constant companion - they come when they're called, they follow along when you do chores.



Crash and HaloCrash, 2010

Only the good die young...sigh...Crash works on my truckI miss you every day goofball.


Crash the kittyCrash



Equine family who wait on the Rainbow Bridge

horse heaven 












A Dance in the Rain, 2001-2009 

RainRainRain at Raindance Farms, LLCA Dance in the Rain, Raindance Farms, LLC 

Mark's Big Annie, 1983-2009

Merry Merry

Home, home on South Range...the weather in paradise...