Our Herd
Each horse in our pastures has been carefully chosen, whether for its impressive papers, temperament, conformation or presence. Our current herd includes:

Raindance Farms Residents Listing

  • Magic Pusher (Magic)
  • She's Belle Star (Belle)
  • Forever in spirit: Windchill, a Walkaloosa colt we rescued and taught us to value life and not take it for granted; Isabelle, Windchill's half sister; Merry Merry; Mark's Big Annie (Annie); Simply Fearless (Fear); A Dance in the Rain (Rain)

  • Garage Frog (a frog so huge the cats won't mess with it that lives in, well if you can't figure that out...)
  • Tiger Kitty (rodent patrol)

Raindance Horse Company, LLC 
Horse Company, LLC