Windchill looks over the stall at Raindance Farms, LLCWindchill's bright eye Windchill's memorial

Candles in the wind...January 20th, across America candles burned both in memory of, and in the hopes of justice for Windchill, the 9 month old colt who gave us all hope and who believed in himself, and all of the friends he made around the world.  (as pictures of the candles burning were emailed to me, I posted them on this page - Jeff Tucker, Windchill's dad -

Candles will burn again the weekend of  February 28th, the anniversary of Windchill's death. As we receive pictures of your candles burning, we'll post them below.

February 29th, 2012 - the actual 4th anniversary of his death (he died on Feb 29, 2008)



February 28, 2009 Candlelight Memorial

Deb Sprague Windchill CandleWindchill memorial candle darlene b
Deborah Sprague, OR        Darlene Burgess, Maui, HI    

Windchill's stall and memorial candles
Windchill's stall with memorial candles 'burning' all night  (electric of course)

Windchill memorial candle Tracey Burm
Tracey Burm, Superior, WI

Judi Ross, MI & AZ

Windchill memorial vigil at Raindance Farms, LLC
The scene from in the barn, Windchill's memorial candles burned all night

Susan Chiellini's Windchill memorial candlesSusan Chiellini's Windchill candles
Susan Chiellini, Tampa, FL

Bararo and Windchill horse shoe
Rosalynn, Bedford County, PA

Thank you for inviting us to this very special evening of remembering a very special horse.

He will forever be the brightest of stars!

Clever Allemont's Jeanne

The night sky above Maui the eve of Windchill's candlelight vigil (Darlene B-Hawaii)



from January 20th's candlelight vigil...

We will never forget you Windchill
candles burning in Windchill's memoryWindchill candlelight vigilCandles burning for Windchill the rescue colt
Windchill memorial candlesCandle for WindchillCandles for rescue colt WindChill
Memorial candle for WindChill the 9 month old rescue coltWindchill rescue colt memorial candlewind chill memorial candle rescue coltRaindance Farms barn cam Windchill memorial candle burning

Windchill's candlelight site





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